Ionic Foot Detoxification Baths


This holistically healthy foot bath works by charging the body’s electromagnetic fields with ion energy charged water that attracts toxic cells and helps to rid your body of unwanted toxins, releasing them through your feet and into the water.

At an ionic foot bath session, the feet are immersed in a salt water bath. Electronic Coils are placed in the water to add a small electric charge. The electric charge is said to draw out toxins and make the body’s pH more alkaline. The clear water in the bath starts to turn different colors, depending on where the toxins are being pulled from.  The water can turn yellow, orange, brown, black etc.  A color chart is provided to let you know which colors are drawing toxins from which areas of the body.  But not to be afraid, as part of the color change of the water is due to a reaction of the salt water and the electrodes. Not all of what you see is actually coming out of your body.  Your body continues to detoxify for two days after the session.


Jeanne In A Bottle offers these baths and includes an essential oil foot soak after the initial detoxification.
Effects And Benefits May Include:
*Helps with skincare & eliminating dead skin cells.
*Helps boost the immune system
*Helps to stimulate detoxification by removing toxins
*Stimulates cellular energy
*Normalizes body’s PH balance and energy levels
*Helps to rid the body of heavy metals
*Reduces inflammation and more!


Jeanne In A Bottle Inc.


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