Ozone Machine Use For Coronavirus



Health Benefits Of Ozone

Testing has shown ozone to be a powerful disinfectant that has been studied for over a century. Studies have supplied us with information on the possible health benefits obtained from the use of ozone generators. They have shown to be very effective for removing odors and killing mold and mildew which can be harmful to your health.
Hospitals and medical buildings use it as a disinfectant. Clinical studies and testing tell us that it can be used for the removal of bacteria, viruses, yeast and protozoa.  It can also help with the stimulation of oxygen metabolism, and may help improve the immune system and headaches. It may also aid in the relief of allergy symptoms, fungal and respiratory infections.

How Does An Ozone Machine Help To Kill A Virus?

Studies have shown that 99% of viruses can be damaged or killed after 30 seconds of exposure to ozone. Ozone kills viruses by getting into its coat and its core, which causes damage. It is said that higher ozone levels destroys the exterior shell of the virus by oxidation.
Disinfecting with ozone has been known to kill the SARS coronavirus and because the structure of the Covid-19 Coronavirus is very similar, it is believed that it may also work on the current coronavirus.

Studies tell us that a one-hour treatment is sufficient to kill all types of pathogens including Ebola, MRSA, SARS, and coronaviruses.  30-60 minutes will destroy all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

A number of viruses including poliovirus I and 2, human rotavirus, Norwalk virus, Parvoviruses, and Hepatitis A, B and non-A non-B are among those that have been shown in studies to be negatively effected by ozone.

“I use an ozone machine regularly and have increased its usage since the Coronavirus has started.  It is a great way to keep the air in your home clean and disinfected.”  Jeanne Wells


For safety reasons, no people, pets, or plants should be in the same room during the disinfection cycle.

Be aware that using ozone ionizers can cause health risks if used continuously or at high levels.

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Ozone Machines




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Using Essential Oils Effectively!



Essential oils are wonderful for health and healing, and are very powerful.  They were used as the original medicines for thousands of years and should be treated as such.  Before using essential oils we should educate ourselves on their usage.  Just as you wouldn’t get a medication from a doctor without finding out about it, how you should take it, when you should take it etc. or at least reading the instructions on the prescription, it is the same with essential oils.  It is important to learn about them before using them.

Essential oils are extremely beneficial for many health issues.  They can aid in anything from relaxation to energy and much more!  It is important however to use them properly and safely.  I do not recommend applying any essential oil to your skin that is not mixed with a carrier oil first. These oils can be very strong and especially for those with sensitive skin, it can irritate or burn the skin. Purchase oils that are already mixed, they will usually say essential oil mix or blend and will have a carrier oil (base oil) listed first under the ingredients. If you purchase straight essential oils they will say essential oil and this means they will have to be mixed and diluted with a base oil such as olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil etc. before applying directly to the skin.  Straight essential oils are great for diffusing for aromatherapy, but not to be put on the skin without dilution.

Essential oils are natural extracted oils from plants and are very healing to the mind, body and spirit, but not all essential oils are created equally. When purchasing essential oils be sure to purchase ones that are pure 100% essential oil or they may have something else added with the oil. The oil should also be therapeutic grade for using on your skin for healing purposes.

Most people can benefit from the use of therapeutic essential oils, however there are some people who should not use essential oils at certain times of their lives, or should not use certain types of essential oils.  Essential oils should never be used if you are pregnant and not recommended for young children.  You should not use the same essential oil for a prolonged period of time without a periodic break from use of the particular oil.  Before using an essential oil you should be aware of that oils properties and effects on certain people.  For example certain oils should not be used if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy etc.  Some essential oil companies say that their oils can be taken internally, but I personally would never use essential oils internally, but this is just my personal opinion.

Always consult your doctor before using essential oils.  Essential oils are great for your health and very healing but should not be put in place of a doctor’s care.  They should be used to prevent and retain health and in conjunction with your doctors care.

The best way to use an essential oil mix for therapeutic reasons is to put some on the bottoms of your feet.  The skin on your feet is not as sensitive as the rest of your body for irritation purposes and putting them on the bottom of your feet is the fastest way to get the oils into your blood stream.  The oils get absorbed through the feet and go straight through the body.

Stay healthy and happy by using this information before using your oils!

Written by Aromatherapist Jeanne Wells


For a great brand of Therapeutic Grade, 100% Pure Essential Oils, try Barefut Essential Oils.  Click here or on the picture for more information and to get yours today! 

Barefut Essential Oils

Healing With Aromatherapy



Aromatherapy has many healing and health benefits. The oils and fragrant essences are extracted from plants creating essential oils that are used to promote the health of our mind, body and spirit. They are used to energize, stimulate, uplift, or to calm, relax, and destress, depending on which are used. They are used to treat many ailments, disinfect as anti-bacterials, anti-inflammatories, relax or stimulate and more. There are endless health benefits of using these oils, you just need to know which oils to use for which issues. Many of these oils date back thousands of years and were used as the first medicines, and are still used as topical medicines for healing to this day. These oils can be inhaled using room or jewelry diffusers or after being mixed with a base oil, can be put directly on the skin. These oils when put on the skin, go directly into the blood stream and circulate thorough out the body. In short these oils and their amazing healing aromas help to enhance the quality of your life by helping to heal your mind, body and spirit.

Don’t know where to get these? Contact Aromatherapist, Jeanne Wells, owner of Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. Jeanne sells holistic healing products and services. Many of the products she sells are essential oil mixes created for different health and beauty purposes. She also creates special mixes for individuals for specific problems. If you have an issue, I have a potion for that!

If you are interested in a mix created for your special needs, please contact Jeanne Wells at jeannewells67@etcmail.com or message me on Facebook at Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. http://www.jeanneinabottleinc.com.

Written by Aromatherapist Jeanne Wells

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Barefut Essential Oils


Detoxify Your Feminine Care Routine!

Nspire Cherish Pads

Cherish pads

Detoxify Your Feminine Care Routine!
Women Are Slowly Being Poisoned By The Feminine Care Products We Use!

Feminine care products are not regulated by any governmental agency, and the companies who make these products are aware of this. There are high levels of toxic chemicals being used in these products. These toxins are slowly poisoning our bodies. The chemicals that you put on your body are transdermal, the toxins go from the product, cross over the skin layer, and make their way into the body.

Your feminine care products are in contact with your skin and the chemicals in these products go directly into the blood stream. The plastic used in most over the counter feminine pads restrict air flow, which cause bacteria growth and promotes yeast and bacterial infections. Your tampons/pads are bleached with chlorine, which can create a toxic chemical called dioxin. According to the Environmental Protection Agency “Dioxins are highly toxic and can cause cancer, reproductive and developmental problems, damage to the immune system, and can interfere with hormones.” (epa.gov/dioxin/learn-about-dioxin) Tampons contain pesticides and both tampons and pads have fragrances, contaminants and chemicals that are linked to birth defects, vaginal dryness, cancer, toxic shock syndrome, bacterial and yeast infections and more.

There is an answer, use natural products. I have discovered a brand new technology in feminine care products, the Cherish pad by NSpire. This pad has 8 layers of ultra-thin, superabsorbent and safe polymer that keeps you fresh and dry. It has up to 10 times the absorbency of the average pads, holding more than 300 times its weight in liquid. It is fragrance free and has a negative ion strip that neutralizes odors and has many health benefits including helping to reduce pain and inflammation. It is made of soft natural cotton and is breathable, which creates airflow and helps to reduce bacteria growth.

Article written by Holistic Health Practitioner: Jeanne Wells (Jeanne In A Bottle LLC.)

Here is a video on the product.  I use this product myself and love them.  I am no longer selling these, but watch the video to get the contact information if you are interested.


Essential Oils For Your New Year’s Resolutions


Is This Year’s Resolution One Of Prosperity Or Weight Loss?

If You Said Yes, Than Let Us See How Essential Oils Can Help You With This Year’s Commitment!


Prosperity Essential Oil Blend

In this blend I have added oils that have been used to attract prosperity in people’s lives for thousands of years, helping to attract health, riches and wealth for your mind, body and spirit. The oils in this blend elevate your mood, which promotes good feelings and creates a sense of attraction that surrounds you. When you feel good, things naturally become good in your life. The oils in this blend, which include:  Cinnamon, Clove, Orange, Bergamot and Patchouli, work together to create and attraction of wealth and abundance. They are known for their healing properties, and good health is high in value. Many of these oils were considered historically more valuable than gold and known for their strong ways of attracting wealth and abundance. These oils Help to elevate your aura to be one with the law of attraction.  Apply topically to the skin. Put a small amount onto the palms of your hands and breath in deeply while reciting an abundance affirmation. (Attached to product)

Abundance Affirmation

(Speak this affirmation with clear intention)
I wish to attract abundance to fulfill my highest path and purpose. I give thanks for all of the health, wealth and prosperity in my life.


Weight Loss Essential Oil Blend

This blend includes essential oils known for aiding in weight loss.
Grapefruit Essential Oil is a diuretic as well as a lymphatic stimulant. It activates the enzymes that help the body to break down its body fat. It supports your metabolism and helps to keep the lymphatic glands healthy.
Cinnamon Essential Oil helps balance blood sugar levels, reduces the cravings for sugar, and slows down the rate glucose is released into the blood stream, all of which aids in weight loss.
Ginger Essential Oil reduces your sugar cravings as well as helping to reduce inflammation throughout the body. It helps the body absorb the vitamins and nutrients it needs, and supports the body’s cellular energy, which assists in weight loss.  Apply topically to the skin.


Try Jeanne In A Bottle’s Essential Oil Blends For The New Year!

Get yours while they last at Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. at Jasper Mountain Craft and Consignment on Church St. across from Jasper Middle School in Jasper, Georgia.

Orders can also be shipped to you by emailing me at jeannewells67@etcmail.com.





Energy Healing Sessions



Energy Healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s energy systems to remove blocks. By clearing the body’s bad energy and removing these blocks, the body’s ability to heal itself can be positively effected.

The Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. Energy Healing Session Includes:

*Aura Cleansing
*Chakra Balancing
*Crystal Therapy
*Sound/Music Therapy

Aura Cleansing – Our auras/energy fields, interact with the energy of others. We absorb negative energy of other people. Our auras can also collect the energies of unwanted thoughts and unprocessed emotions. Drugs (prescription or non) & food can also effect the aura.

Chakra Balancing – There are seven main energy centers in the body, know as chakras. They are located throughout our body and connect with specific body ailments. Each energy center aids in our mental and physical health and wellness. When the chakras become blocked is when we can start having both mental and physical problems.

Crystal Therapy – Involves placing gemstones on the body or sweeping crystals over the body to draw out negative energy. It is an alternative medical technique in which crystals or healing stones are used to aid with ailments and protect against diseases.

Aromatherapy – Is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, roots or other parts of a plant to aid psychological and physical wellness. The inhaled aroma from these oils is believed to stimulate the brain.

Sound/Music Therapy – Is the use of music or sound for relaxation & Chakra Balancing to advance health and wellness.

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Ionic Foot Detoxification Baths


This holistically healthy foot bath works by charging the body’s electromagnetic fields with ion energy charged water that attracts toxic cells and helps to rid your body of unwanted toxins, releasing them through your feet and into the water.

At an ionic foot bath session, the feet are immersed in a salt water bath. Electronic Coils are placed in the water to add a small electric charge. The electric charge is said to draw out toxins and make the body’s pH more alkaline. The clear water in the bath starts to turn different colors, depending on where the toxins are being pulled from.  The water can turn yellow, orange, brown, black etc.  A color chart is provided to let you know which colors are drawing toxins from which areas of the body.  But not to be afraid, as part of the color change of the water is due to a reaction of the salt water and the electrodes. Not all of what you see is actually coming out of your body.  Your body continues to detoxify for two days after the session.


Jeanne In A Bottle offers these baths and includes an essential oil foot soak after the initial detoxification.
Effects And Benefits May Include:
*Helps with skincare & eliminating dead skin cells.
*Helps boost the immune system
*Helps to stimulate detoxification by removing toxins
*Stimulates cellular energy
*Normalizes body’s PH balance and energy levels
*Helps to rid the body of heavy metals
*Reduces inflammation and more!


Jeanne In A Bottle Inc.



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The Jeanne In A Bottle Scarecrow Is Up In Downtown Jasper! Please Vote For The Jeannie!

Please go to the Know Pickens website:  http://www.knowpickens.com or their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KnowPickens/ and vote for the Jeannie Scarecrow for Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. (Please be sure to key in your email address.  They don’t use it, they just need it to be sure that there is only 1 vote per email address, when tabulating the votes.  If you do not leave your email address it will not count.)  Thank You!Scarecrow article


Love Potion


Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. Has Created A Love Potion Just In Time For Valentine’s Day!

Through the centuries the essential oils that are in this love potion have created a sense of passion and sensual desire. They help to create a mood of physical attraction as well as a feeling of beauty.

Use this potion to awaken your inner sensuality. The main ingredients are Jasmine and Rose. Jasmine stimulates the senses of both men and women with its beautiful floral scent. Rose lowers anti-arousal anxiety and symbolizes love . This potion also includes the relaxing and passionate fragrances of vanilla and cinnamon.

We have added a Rose Quartz Crystal. This stone emits positive energies of love, warmth, and joy.

The Allure of these oils is historical magic.  Cleopatra loved fragrances.  She loved scented oils so much that she had her own perfumery where she would make her own perfumes.  Cleopatra used these aromas for seduction.  A scent that she especially loved was Jasmine.  She would have her servants pour it over the sails of her ship to announce her arrival.  Her male admirers such as Marc Anthony were intoxicated by its enticing fragrance.  She wore one of her creations when she presented herself to Caesar wrapped in a carpet.  The essential oils that are used in our Love Potion were available and most likely used by  Cleopatra during her life time.

You can purchase Jeanne In A Bottle’s Love Potion at The Jasper Mountain Crafts And Consignment Store on Church Street in Jasper across for The Jasper Middle School.

Warning:  For external use only.  Not to be used if you are pregnant or under 13 years of age.
Disclaimer:  This article is for informative reasons only.  It is not of the intent to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure diseases.  The information is not approved by the FDA.  It is not intended as a substitute for a physicians care.




Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. Products Can Now Be Purchased At Gentle Chiropractic Plus

Jeanne In A Bottle Inc.

Jeanne In A Bottle Inc.

Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. Products Can Now Be Purchased At Gentle Chiropractic Plus In the Kroger/Home Depot Plaza In Jasper, GA.

61 Bill Wigington Pkwy Suite B-101
Jasper, GA 30143



Gentle Chiropractic Plus is dedicated to bringing gentle chiropractic adjustments, holistic health and the best all natural therapies to Jasper, in the heart of the beautiful North Georgia mountains.
Jeanne In A Bottle Items That Can Now Be Purchased There Are:
Mint Scented Essential Oil Mix
Eucalyptus Scented Essential Oil Mix
Relaxing Lavender Massage Oil
Relaxing Chamomile Massage Oil
And Gift Baskets Containing All 4 Items.
Why not stop by and check us out!


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