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EMF Protection!

Cell phones and other electronic devices emit EMF radiation which is toxic to our bodies. In our lives today it is critical for us to get EMF Protection from all of the electronics that are around us every day!  EMF radiation from our cell phones is one of the most dangerous to be exposed to. The most dangerous of the EMF’s are those that are nearest to our bodies.  Regular exposure to EMF waves can cause health problems to our bodies. EMF’s in close proximity to our bodies can interfere with the natural electrical patterns of our heart. It is necessary for us to use radiation protection shields to give us protection against this dangerous EMF radiation.  These shields are programmed with specific homeopathic frequencies to neutralize the damaging effects of radiation.

EMFs are Very Destructive to your Body

EMFs are everywhere and cause damage to your body in many ways
They affect many parts of your body including your head, ears, immune system, reproductive system, eyes, skin, heart, joints and cells
Children are even more susceptible to EMF damage, as their bodies are rapidly growing and developing

Harmful Effects Of EMF To The Body:

  • May cause headaches, problems with sleep, loss of memory, and possible brain tumors.
  • May cause vision issues and eye dryness.May cause skin rashes, issues with balance and tinnitus.
  • May cause rashes, balance issues and tinnitus.
  • May weaken the immune system, cause irregular heartbeat, difficulty with breathing.
  • May cause joint pain and inflamation.
  • May cause issues with the productive system including infertility and menstrual problems.

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SUPREME PROTECTION – EMF Pendants Are Programmed With 30+ Homeopathic Frequencies Including Shungite & Crystals Proven To Neutralize EMF Radiation – Vital To Wear All Day Long for Supreme EMF Protection
USA MADE – Each EMF Radiation Neutralizing Pendant is Hand Programmed by Dr. Valerie Nelson’s Team with Care
PROTECT LOVED ONES – More Research Proves the Long Term Negative Effects EMFs can have on People, Including Weaker Immune Systems, Fertility Issues, Headaches, Sleep Disturbances, Ear Noises, Joint & Muscle Pain
FASHIONABLE STYLE & PROTECTION – Strengthen your Body’s Energetic Field to Protect yourself Against EMF Waves and Harmful Electronics Surrounding us Constantly
You Will Receive a Stylish Pendant with a Chain (chain styles vary slightly).


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