Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. Testimonials


Positive Testimonials From The Essential Oil And Aromatherapy Presentation At Finders Keepers Boutique And Consignment

“Jeannie I enjoyed the presentation on Saturday and I learned a lot about essential oils. Thank you. Looking forward to using the things I bought.” 

Teresa Buchheit Turner 

“Jeanne, it was so good to have you today. Wish I could have been able to listen more but what I did hear makes me want to know more. You are so knowledgeable, it is no wonder your oils and everything else you make is so amazing, your passion for healing is real. Great connection with your guests as well. Come by any time you want to demonstrate & answer questions for folks. Truly enjoyed it!!!”

Audra Stambaugh Malagutti (owner of Finders Keepers Boutique & Consignment)

Positive Testimonial For Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. Dog Calming Spray

“We had a pretty bad storm last night in our area. Rather than the usual med’s for our Golden Cocker Goldie, we used the spray. It was amazing how calm it kept her through the storm. There was still some activity when we went to bed. I expected Goldie to want to sleep with us. She hopped off the bed and slept in her little kennel all night.

Thank you. This is wonderful.”

John Hulett

Positive Testimonial For Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. Dog Bed Linen Spray

Does your fur baby get up a lot during the night? A lavender spray to the bedding area works like a charm . Immediately goes to sleep . Thanks Jeanne for the lavender spray.”

Carmen Smith

Positive Testimonial For Back Essential Oil Mixes

“I just want to let you know the mint based oil did wonders for my arm/elbow.  The pain was so bad before and I was looking to get a cortisone shot.  The pain was definitely a 10.  Since the oil my bad days are a 2 and the good days I don’t feel pain at all!!
Thank you for suggesting it.”
Jackie Souza
Positive Feedback From The Jeanne In A Bottle Holistic Health Fair
“If you build it, they will come”… Thank you Jeanne for your hard work and love to organize such a FABULOUS Fair. You sure pulled it off and proved you’re THE Jeanne in a Bottle! 😀
Next year people will come to Jasper from all over the world!”  Lissu Pasila
“Tracee Smith Randall “Great event yesterday in Jasper with some great people! Love ❤️ sharing info that will impact the lives of families for generations!!”  Tracee Randall

“Today’s event was awesome, very well organized and a variety of professional vendors.Thank you.”
Brenda Hackney

“Jeanne this was a wonderful event, very well organized.

Brenda McGill Hackney”
June 10 at 9:58pm

“I enjoyed today! Thanks for having me!”  David Ranes

“Had a great day at the Jasper Holistic Health Fair! Congratulations Jeanne White Wells on a job well done! I had a great group for my session on The Dangers of Multitasking, including XC Roswell leader Janis Ashkin! CMO Tracee Smith Randall spoke on Get MAD About Cancer. XC Talking Rock leaders Marla Frangenberg Renner and Debbie Possehl were vendors. Reconnected with some old friends and made lots of new ones! Really appreciated the opportunity to participate in this event!”  Carol Dressler Neal

“Had a wonderful time yesterday at the Holistic Health Fair. Thank you!” Nancy Rivera DeJesus

Suzanne Beaudry Graff Great event!

Rosemary King Thanks for putting it together!!

Diana de Gratigny Thank you for the great work you have done.

Lissu Pasila “If you build it, they will come”… Thank YOU for your hard work and love to organize such a FABULOUS Fair. Next year people will come to Jasper from all over the world!

Andrea Getty Sorry I missed it. Pet sitting took priority. My dog George is ready for more of your crystal meditation.

Jeanne In A Bottle Inc. Thanks for all of the great comments. Thanks for coming and I hope to see you all next year for an even bigger event!

Susan Horton Had a great time meeting new and old friends.

Brenda McGill Hackney Great event , hope to be part of next event

Pam Becker Thank you for all your hard work getting it all together

Nancy Rivera DeJesus Thank you for your hard and dedicated work in putting this event together. Very well organized and a great turn out. Had a wonderful time.

Carol Dressler Neal It was a great event Jeanne E. Wells! Thank you again for reaching out to us to participate!  Had a blast sharing The Dangers of Multitasking (and how to avoid them) at the Jeanne in a Bottle Holistic Health Fair yesterday. Thank you Jeanne E. Wells for asking me to speak!  Amazing event at the Holistic Health Fair in Jasper! Great job Jeanne E. Wells coordinating all the vendors and speakers!

Thank you Jeanne for a fun festival! Jeunesse and Nspire look forward to attending next year!! You did an awesome job! Oh… and the people with the food – the Tomato Basil soup was terrific! 😉 Thanks again! Sue Carducci

Carol Dressler Neal – I had the chicken salad croissant and it was delicious!

Paula Lyn Rider – Jeanne White Wells did a fantastic job putting on this holistic health fair! I enjoyed being there and chatting with all the vendors. Made some great connections too! Thank you Jeanne for all your hard work!!!

Bobby Alexander – Awesome gathering!

Brodie Geddes – A shout out to you Jeanne White Wells. An amazing event this weekend you put on. I look forward to be a part of many more. This is a great place to learn about small businesses and products that are out there that you may have never known about. THANK YOU.  What an amazing event I was a part of yesterday…. I met some amazing people and found out a wealth of information too. It feels good to help people gain knowledge about the different types of water our amazing devise makes to better the quality of our life. PM me for more information and I will show you more.
Have an Amazing day!

Ann E. McDonnell Witt and I had an amazing time participating as a vendor at Jeanne in a Bottle’s Holistic Health Fair on Saturday! We met some great people! Kudos to Jeanne E. Wells for a job well done!

Lynn Birmingham Paterson It was such a great show! Thanks for letting us be there!

Jeanne,  I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to this wonderful fair. had a super time meet many wonderful people.
And hope to see many more get together .
Sharing our modality with the community.  Lots of fun
Yours Barbara Moore
Hello Jeanne: Just want to thank you again for putting together a great health fair for
people in Pickens County. As a vendor with the Tower Garden, we had a lot of people
interested including the Juice Plus products. I even had a person come in when they
saw the Juice Plus sticker on my car.
On the whole, it was a great fair. I am interested in helping next year if you decide
to do again.
Take care,
Jack Hollis
Sharing is Caring! Blessed to tell people about the benefits of Plexus products AND business! At the Jeanne In a Bottle Holistic Health Fair in Jasper with Deborah O’Halloran Bigda. Lots of people who already have their finger on the pulse of healthy natural living. Bonus- the event was indoors with no fire ants, LOL! Michelle Goodsell

Dear Jeanne,  We enjoyed participating in the Health Fair this past weekend and Jane and I both want to thank you for all of the work you put into making it happen.  We know what it takes to produce an event like this and we appreciate you and all of your efforts very much.  Please keep in touch and let us know about any future events you are planning.  We would love to have you come and visit Living Foods Institute and if you or anyone you know would like to attend any of our programs and need scholarship assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We are here to help! Thanks for providing a table for us.  We are most grateful!  Brenda Cobb

Blessings and Love,

Brenda Cobb
Founder Living Foods Institute


We are so grateful for the food donations that are coming in from Jeanne In A Bottle Inc.‘s Holistic Health Fair which is happening today at the Pickens County Recreation Department until 2pm. Swing by to check out many great vendors and learning opportunities. Click this link for more info https://www.facebook.com/events/1720544317972559/?ti=cl

Testimonial for Nspire Cherish Pads:

They are awesome! I can feel the difference these are wonderful! Seems like more airflow and it doesn’t feel dirty! Thank you so much for letting me try them! I am definitely going to buy some from you!!! I’m going to tell all my friends about them! Thanks so much!!   Brittany Blalock

Testimonial From Ionic Food Detoxification Bath:

Thanks to Jeanne White Wells with Jeanne In A Bottle, Inc. Not too often do I treat myself, but I was killing 2 birds with one stone.  She had a session with an Ionic Foot Bath that helped Detoxify me.  I feel so much better and she pampered me. I am grateful for her. Looking forward to doing this again soon.  Thank you Jeanne for a wonderful footbath. I feel cleaner and saw all the residue and was amazed.  Cindy Geddes

Positive Testimonial For Jeanne In A Bottle Essential Oil Mix!

Hi. I’m Stacie, I was the Plunder Jewelry gal at the meeting last night. Your Frankincense/Myrrh and gold idea is brilliant! I’ve dabbled in oil sales, doTerra, and Frankincense is my favorite! I use it mainly to head off panic attacks. When I feel one coming, I’ll put a couple of drops on my chest and rub it in with my wrist, that way I can sniff my wrist too.
It was great meeting you last night and I look forward to seeing you in the future!

Stacie Young

Plunder Distributor